Last week was moving week. My partner and I have just move into our brand new apartment together.

Leading up to the move. We’d been buying new furniture from Ikea, making plans for where everything was going to go and generally accumulating all the lovely little thing that turn a house (unit) into a home.

This was all a very exciting process for us but as the day before the move got closer, I start to panic.

You see, if there’s one thing that’s going to tear a relationship apart quicker than you can say, “why are my clothes on the driveway”, it’s putting together Ikea furniture.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea! It’s cheap, looks good and I can buy a $1 hotdog while I shop, but when you open that box, take out those furniture pieces and look at that Swedish instruction manual…*sigh*…You know you’re in for a bad time.

I’d been quietly mulling over the issue while my partner was asking me which salad bowl I liked better and had a bright idea! Why not work a few hours overtime and pay somebody else do it!?

I searched Gumtree and found an experienced Ikea assembly man (yes, that’s a thing). I explained what I needed done and he told me he could do the job during the day while we were at work for $150! I said, “Mr Ikeaman, you have yourself a deal”

The following day he came in, put everything together and gave me a call to say that it was done.

When we got home that night, we moved the furniture where we wanted it, ordered take out and popped a bottle of cheap champagne to celebrate our new home.

Smiling from ear to ear, I realised sometimes it’s better to pay a professional to get the job done right so you can enjoy the moments that really matter.

And would you believe it, my clothes are still hanging up in the wardrobe.

Leigh Morris – Financial Planner | Sydney Financial Planning 

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