Suicide Machine

Nice suicide machine

You’re a temporary Australian

Don’t you like living?

Are you an idiot?

These are a few of the things people blurt out at me when I tell them I ride a motorbike.

The risk of riding is well known and nearly everybody has a story about a friend or family member that’s been in a horrific crash.

So why ride?

The thought crosses my mind every time I slip my helmet over my head. I know the risks are high. I know that I’m 30 times more likely to have a fatal accident than if I just took the car, but as soon as I start to ride, it all makes sense.

The freedom, independence and sense of speed as you cruise though the open air…When I’m riding, nothing else matters, I couldn’t be happier.

For me it’s a calculated risk. I wear a helmet, protective gear, have the correct insurance (both personal and vehicle) and attend rider days to continually improve my skills. This allows me to decreases my risk of injury while still allowing me to experience the reward of riding.

Of course the risks are still, there’s no way round that, but with the correct planning, training and cover those risks can be greatly reduce. Not just when it comes to riding but for nearly every aspect of our lives.

The way I see it, it’s the risk of doing nothing that’s the greatest risk of all.

Leigh Morris – Financial Planner (and motorbike rider) | Sydney Financial Planning 

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