What do you even do?

Hi I’m Leigh and I’m a Financial Planner.

When I tell people this, I usually get one of the below two expressions;



What I’ve found is that people either don’t have a clue what I actually do or they’ve been watching too much A Current Affair and think I’m a white collar criminal.

Now, first things first. I’m not out to take your money!

I genuinely, truly want to see my clients succeed. I want to have long term clients that I continue to work with over their entire working life and into retirement. If my clients are happy, I’m happy.

Yes, there are financial planners out there that put their own interests ahead of their clients, but their days are numbered and the sooner they’re gone the better.

Okay, so now, what do I ACTUALLY do?

If I was to tell you analytically, it would look something like this; I offer advice in Property, Shares, Money Management, Budgeting, Investment Planning, Superannuation Planning, Pre-Retirement Planning, Risk & Insurance Analysis, Salary Packaging and Gearing Strategies. (YAAAAWN)

Not exactly riveting stuff, right?

Instead, think of me as the Personal Trainer for your finances. We catch up for the weigh in and fitness test to assess your current position.  Then we have a big discussion about your goals and what it’s going to take to achieve them.

Once we have a plan in place, I’ll be your Michelle Bridges woopin’ your financial butt into shape, making sure you stay on point and achieving everything we set out to do.

Sometimes you’ll hate me because I push you to make that extra rep AYMENT (sorry not sorry) but the more I keep you on track, push you and motivate you, the sooner you’ll be hitting those goals.

Trying to navigate the world of finance alone can be a minefield. With all the information available online now, the options and opinions are endless. My job is to block out all the noise and get you to focus on YOUR financial situation so that YOU can get ahead and stay there.

Leigh Morris – Financial Planner/Personal Trainer | Sydney Financial Planning