So, You Wanna Be Rich, Eh?

But do you know why?

Is it because you think money will solve all your problems? A wise man once said, “mo money, mo problems” and I can honestly say as a Financial Adviser, I see this every day.

For some reason, money has the tendency to create more problems than it solves and although we all need money to live, accumulating money and “things” for the sake of it, usually doesn’t bring us the happiness we thought it would.

Remember when you got your first part time job while at school and you were the happiest kid on the planet?

Mine was when I was 15. I had a paper run I did once a week that would net me a massive $30 and $60 per week!

At that stage my only worry was buying new CD’s, parts for my skateboard and working out how many cheese burgers I could afford. I used to hear about the kids that had left school, earing $400-$500 per week and thought, if I EVER make that much, I wouldn’t have a care in the world.

Once I left school I landed my first full time job and left home. I had this image in my head that life would be a cake walk since I didn’t have to deal with my parents anymore…Wrong. Not only did I have to pay for all my own food, there was bills to pay, clothes to buy, a car to maintain, and parties to attend. Before I knew it, that 500 bucks a week wasn’t getting me very far at all.

As I got older, my income increased along with all my other expense. I needed a bigger TV, a better car, nicer clothes and cool furniture. Added to the mix was my new found love of credit cards, overseas travel and my solid attempts at “saving” for my first home. It seemed that no matter how much money I made, I was always just out of reach of being able to afford all the things I “needed”.

And this is the way it goes.

We continue to make our lives more complex, more expensive, we’re so driven by material items that our thirst for the next “thing” never stops. No matter how much money we make, it just never seems to be enough.

So when is it then that determines the point in which you can say you’ve made it? The point where you can officially say, I’m rich!

For each person this is going to be different as peoples passions vary, but if you have the ability to pay your bills, explore your hobbies, do the things you love and spend time with the people you love, maybe, just maybe, you’ve already made it?

It’s all about perspective…


Leigh Morris – Financial Planner | Sydney Financial Planning

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