Financial and debt advice is about defining goals, putting a plan in place and taking action.

As a 35-year old living in Sydney, my education hasn’t just come from text books and I understand the pressures Gen X & Y face. From purchasing your first home or investment property, paying-down personal debt, learning how to budget, keeping up with bills, education, super, insurance and more; the learning can be steep. I mean it when I say, the struggle is real.

To top off the never ending list of responsibilities, we all still want to enjoy life, take a holiday, explore your hobbies and spend time with friends and family…and possibly start our own. I think we all find out the hard way that it isn’t necessarily true when they say, the best things in life are free.

Can I give you the sure fire way to get rich quick!? No…sorry. What I can do is provide specialist debt advce, educated strategies and the right guidance to provide you with the best possible opportunity to get ahead and stay there.

If you’d like to have chat, I’m always up for a coffee (my shout) to discuss what you’re looking to achieve and how I can help. 0447263567

Sydney Financial Planning 

Leigh Morris of Sydney Financial Planning is an authorised representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited, ABN 35 002 976 294, AFS Licence No. 234665, member of the AMP Group. The information provided is general only. Before making any financial or investment decisions, we recommend you consult a financial planner to take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation and individual needs.

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