Don’t Forget Your YoYo

Imagine you step into an elevator, and as you start going up, you pull out your YoYo (as you do). Even though the YoYo is going up and down the whole time, it’s always moving up with the elevator.

This is the best way to think of the stock market.  There are ups and downs, stops and starts, but that doesn’t mean you’re not still going up over the long term.  Even when the YoYo is down, it’s still ahead of where it was on the ground floor.

When working with Gen X & Y, one topic that almost always comes up is the share market.  ‘When should I get in?’  ‘When should I get out?’  ‘What shares should I buy?’  ‘What if the market crashes?’

If I could answer those questions for you, I’d be a billionaire.  But it takes a fortune teller to be able to answer those questions, and I’m definitely not a fortune teller – I’m a financial planner.  What I can tell you is that the key to success isn’t how to time the market but your time in the market – getting in and staying in.  There’ll be times when the YoYo’s up, and times when it’s down, but even when it’s down, it’s still higher than where it was before.

So get in, and stay in, because let’s face it, no one wants to take the stairs.

Leigh Morris – Financial Planner | Sydney Financial Planning

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